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Firearms Offenses in Anchorage

Charged with a gun crime in Anchorage?

Alaskans take their right to own firearms seriously. According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, gun ownership averages more than 1.5 guns per household in Alaska. The Second Amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. In the centuries since the Bill of Rights was promulgated, however, the right to keep and bear arms has become subject to a steadily increasing number of laws and regulations that serve to restrict the conditions under which a person in this country may acquire, use, possess or sell a gun. People who are arrested for firearms offenses in Alaska are not typically hardened criminals. In most cases, they are ordinary citizens who have made mistakes or who did not understand the complex provisions of the state and federal weapons laws.

Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer for Firearms Offenses

If you have been arrested for a weapons offense in the state of Alaska, then seek the assistance of Anchorage criminal defense lawyer Steve Wells from the Law Offices of Steve M. Wells. He is an experienced criminal attorney, and when you choose his services, you can benefit from having nearly two decades of experience on your side. Don't take chances with the outcome a case involving weapons offense allegations. You may not have used a gun to rob another person, you may not have hurt anyone, and you may not have even made another person feel threatened through your use of a firearm.

The simple fact of violating one of the many laws and regulations concerning the purchase, possession, use and transfer of a firearm can result in you being ordered to pay steep fines, can deprive you of the right to own or use a gun, and can even land you in jail or prison. Furthermore, you could end up with a conviction on your criminal record, a fact that could potentially hamper or even ruin your career.

Mr. Wells represents clients from all walks of life, and he handles cases involving all types of firearms offenses, including:

  • Unlawful possession
  • Unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • Sale or trafficking of illegal guns
  • Illegal manufacturing of guns
  • Misconduct involving weapons

If you are charged with any one of these offenses, you could face significant penalties such as time in jail or prison, hefty fines, and even forfeiture of your right to own a weapon in the most severe cases. If you are arrested and charged with the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm in the state of Alaska, then you could face hefty fines, jail time, probation, registration, and a criminal record among other penalties. You need the assistance of a skilled representative on your side!

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Attorney Steve Wells approaches each case that he handles as if it were going to trial. This is advantageous as he is fully prepared to argue your case in court when he is unable to obtain a favorable settlement outside of court. Further, he limits the number of cases that he handles so that he can ensure the highest quality service for each client that he represents.

In many situations, a firearms offense charge is the result of a misunderstanding, or the circumstances of the alleged offense are minor enough that it is possible to persuade the prosecutor to drop the charges. In other cases, the state is determined to pursue a full conviction on the charges, and it is necessary to fight aggressively to secure an acquittal or dismissal.

Mr. Wells offers a free case evaluation so that you can learn more about what to expect in your case and begin working on a strategy for your defense. Contact his office now to get the process started.

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