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When you are accused of a crime, you need a proven Anchorage criminal defense lawyer on your side. Your choice of an attorney could have an enormous impact on the outcome of your case, and by extension, could determine what your life will be like for years into the future. Choose Steve Wells for a defense attorney with nearly 23 years of experience fighting for people in your situation. Read on for examples of some of his past case victories, and then contact the firm for a free case evaluation.

    • Conspiracy Reduced

      I represented a client in a conspiracy to avoid cigarette taxes. The losses to the Municipality were approximately two million dollars. My client got a probationary sentence and did not have to pay any restitution.

    • Drug & Weapons Charge Proved innocence

      Recently got a court to suppress cocaine and guns because I proved the police officer lied on the search warrant affidavit. The client was the son of a paralegal in a large law firm. A former prosecutor at the firm recommended he hire me.

    • Drug Charges Suppressed

      Persuaded a court to suppress six pounds of marijuana seized at the airport

    • Drug Charges Suppressed

      Persuaded a court to suppress six pounds of marijuana seized at the airport

    • Drug Charges Reduced

      In a case involving multiple tape-recorded sales of crack cocaine, obtained a sentence of approximately five years less than what the government sought

    • Fraud Charges Acquitted

      I represented the CFO of a local business charged with various counts of fraud related to Department of Agriculture grants. We got an acquittal on some counts and a 30 day jail sentence for the remaining counts with no restitution ordered.

    • International Drug Conspiracy License Protected

      Got a probationary sentence for a client involved in a large international drug conspiracy. My client had a professional license. After the criminal case was over, the State sought to revoke his professional license. I represented him in the license revocation proceedings and he will be placed on probation for his professional license as well. That is, he gets to keep his professional license.

    • Sexual Assault Suppressed DNA Test results

      Persuaded a court to suppress DNA test results in the first sexual assault case in Alaska that used Y-STR DNA testing;