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Federal Tax Fraud

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Have you been arrested and charged with a federal offense such as tax fraud? You need to retain skillful defense representation as soon as possible in order to fight for your rights and the results that you want for your future.

There are many different offenses that can be charged as tax fraud including the following among others:

  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Underreporting wages and income
  • Deliberately claiming excess deductions

It is essential to recognize that you could easily find yourself facing federal criminal investigation for tax fraud, or you could be arrested and charged with an offense. Even if you are under investigation it is crucial that you retain legal assistance to help guide you through this process in the most effective way possible.

Penalties for Tax Fraud Conviction

If you are arrested for a tax fraud offense, then you need to remain silent, and retain the services of Attorney Steve Wells from the Law Offices of Steve M. Wells. If you are convicted, then you could face fines of up to $250,000 as an individual, and you could face up to $500,000 if this is in regards to a business. The prison sentence that you could face will depend on the severity of the fraud, and the duration of the offense, generally the government does not recommend sentences in excess of three to five years.

Attorney Wells is an experienced Anchorage criminal defense attorney with nearly two decades of experience in defending the rights of the criminally accused. Further, he limits the number of cases that he takes on in order to ensure high-quality service for each client that he represents. When you choose his firm, you will receive representation that is based on years of experience, and is dedicated to helping you pursue the results that you need for your future.

Contact his office today to discuss the charges against you and to begin pursuing the results that you need.

The Right Lawyer Can Make The Difference

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