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Conspiracy Charges in Anchorage

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The crime of conspiracy involves two or more individuals collaborating to commit a crime, and taking at least one step in the furtherance of the crime. Facing charges of this offense can cause significant hardship in your situation, and you need to be sure that you have skilled defense representation on your side that can help you effectively fight the charges against you.

Even if you do not actually commit a crime, you could still be charged with this offense by taking even one step toward the completion of the crime. If you do commit a crime where two or more people are involved, then you could be charged with conspiracy on top of the other criminal charges that you face. Conspiracy is a felony offense, so act immediately if you are facing charges.

Aggressive Defense Against Felony Charges

Generally, the government does not sentence more than five years in prison for conspiracy charges. Because of this, if you are charged with another offense along with your conspiracy charges, then you will most likely face a prison sentence of at least five years. Conviction of conspiracy with other offenses can be penalized by a prison sentence that ranges all the way up to life imprisonment. An example of a conspiracy situation could be if you and another person plan to burn down a building. You cannot be charged for planning the offense, but if you go and purchase gasoline and matches, then you have taken a step to further the crime and you could be charged with conspiracy.

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If you are facing criminal charges, then you need an attorney on your side who can aggressively fight to see that your rights are defended throughout the duration of your case. Attorney Steve Wells is an experienced Anchorage criminal defense attorney, and when you choose his services, you will receive representation that is based on proven methods that have produced favorable results in the past.

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